• ‘Single source proteins’,  making feeding pets with special dietary needs or protein allergies simpler to manage.
  • All ingredients purchased from Canadian, federally inspected facilities. 
  • No meat by products, off cuts or meals – our meat, fish and poultry cuts are not just ‘human grade’, they’re restaurant quality.
  • We purchase our fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from local and Canadian farmers and producers whenever possible. 
  • Certified Organic Alfalfa, Flax Seed, honey, kelp, and numerous other ingredients. 
  • Committed to seeking out sources of organic and free range ingredients for our recipes.


Our Pets 4 Life Pet Cuisine is packaged in a variety of convenient sizes.

For Canines:

Our 3 lb bags of Raw Canine Cuisine come in portioned, easy to serve, one ounce medallions.

Our bulk format for larger dogs or multi-dog families is packaged as 8 ounce patties.  Available in resealable bags, in 20 lb boxes 

Available Recipes:


For Felines and Ferrets:

Our 1.25 lb bags come conveniently packaged in a re-sealable, freezer safe bag. 

Our new format makes it even easier to feed your cats and ferrets - individually frozen pieces of our raw feline and ferret formula is appealing to your pet's instinctive way of eating, and makes it easier to remove and thaw only the portion needed for each meal.

Available Recipes:


How much raw food should I feed my pet? Please see our Feeding Guide for details.