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Saturday, September 05, 2015

About Pets4Life

Pets 4 Life is a family owned company based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Sherry and Glenn Forrester since August of 2010, we remain committed to creating Canada's premiere holistic gourmet raw pet food, treats and supplements.

Pets 4 Life is remains dedicated to enhancing the traditions and quality introduced by company founder, Trina Nowak. Trina is an animal nutritionist, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science (B.Sc. Agr.) specializing in animal nutrition. Since graduating from the University of Guelph, Trina furthered her education in Homeopathy and Herbology, along with other alternative and nutritional therapies, to provide the best products and services for her clients. Trina spent decades researching raw diets for pets. The recipes she created have been designed with optimum pet health in mind, with each and every ingredient chosen carefully for the essential nutrients and homeopathic elements it brings to our food.

We don't cook, pasteurize or otherwise heat treat our recipes, because we adhere to a true "raw feeding" model for our pets. Instead, we use grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and the best quality ingredients we can possibly buy to make a raw pet food that's packed with vital nutrition. From Puppies to Seniors, Our Food Fits Your Pets!

Certified Complete and Balanced!

Our recipes have all been certified to meet the standards set by AAFCO (Association Of American Feed Control Officials, Inc., the council which regulates the quality and safety of pet food in the United States) to be "Complete and Balanced for all life stages". Currently, we are the only Canadian made raw pet food which has managed to obtain this certification. 

This means that whether you are feeding a puppy, kitten or ferret kit in the very first stages of their life, or a senior pet with special dietary needs, our food will provide all of the nutrition your pet needs for optimal health and wellness.

Additionally, because our foods are all 'single source proteins', feeding pets with special dietary needs or protein allergies is a lot simpler to manage.

Food quality is Our Most Important Goal!

All of the ingredients used in Pets 4 Life products are purchased from Canadian, federally inspected facilities. ALL of our meat, fish and poultry is Canadian raised or caught, and rated "AAA" or better. We use NO meat by products, off cuts or meals - in fact, our meat, fish and poultry cuts are not just 'human grade', they're restaurant quality. Our chicken is full backs and thighs, our salmon is fresh Pacific Coho filets, our rabbit and duck are free range full frames, our turkey are full necks and backs, our beef is quality stew cuts, and our lamb is fresh fronts.

We guarantee it!

We strive to purchase all of our fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from local and Canadian farmers and producers whenever possible. Our alfalfa, honey, kelp, apples, yogurt and numerous other ingredients are certified organic, and we continue to seek out more affordable sources of organic and free range ingredients we can be proud to include in our foods.

Great Food That's Safely Made

Using top quality, restaurant quality ingredients, and handling them in a safe, sanitary manner allows us to produce a great quality raw pet food that you can feel safe feeding to your pets.

Pets4Life has utilized HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) protocols and GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) since the beginning. Consistent, accurate, and thorough manufacturing and packaging procedures are followed for each batch of food we make. Independent Microbiological testing is performed on both our food and our facility to ensure food safety standards are being met. As a result of this stringent protocol implemented by a Food Quality Controller we are able to produce a safe, quality product for your beloved pets - and for our own, too!

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Ellen & Whisper

"I've tried so many foods for Whisper, but the only one he will consistently eat is Pets4Life. His coat is shiny, his teeth are clean and my vet says he's the healthiest cat he's ever seen. We love our Pets4Life!"

Goldenhills Retrievers

"Your Best in Show Probiotic is a life saver! It got my bitch and her puppies through a serious illness, when a friend's dog with the same never recovered. Thank you!!!"

Tanya & Zeke

“After almost two years of food battles and illness, and frequent visits and stays at the veterinary hospital, a naturopathic veterinarian recommended I put Zeke on Pets4Life, and within 48 hours I felt like I had a new dog”.


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