To us, knowing the nutritional value of your pet's diet should be of primary concern. So, even though our ingredient list is rather straightforward, we feel it important that you understand not only what we put in our food, but why we put it there.

We use only organic and naturally raised ingredients. Due to the freezing process we use instead of heat processing, 99 percent of the available nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in the raw foods are maintained in the finished product. We do not add any “replacement” additives. The Ultimate Diet is a whole, nutritious and intact “live food”. We know you’ll see the difference in your pets. Your pets will love it!

Nutritional Breakdown

**Note: All ingredients listed as “organic” are certified organic.

Our Proteins

Certified Organic Ontario Lamb (muscle meat, organs and bones)

      • A complete source of protein and the best mixture of the amino acids.
      • Iron- readily available excellent source.
      • B vitamins- especially B12, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, folic acid.
      • Vit A- only moderate levels.
      • Vit E,D-minimal.
      • Potassium and phosphorous are the highest of the minerals.


Certified Organic Free Run Chicken  (muscle meat, organs and bones)

      • A complete source of protein with somewhat less fat overall than beef.
      • Vit A
      • The B vitamins
      • Potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc and iron
      • Calcium and magnesium levels are low (gauged without the bone)

Certified Organic Beef ( muscle meat, organs and bones)

  • Antiobiotic and Hormone free
  • Fed a 100% vegetarian diet
  • B vitamins
  • Iron- readily available excellent source
  • A complete source of protein

 Additional Ingredients

Raw Unpasturized Honey

      • A life sustaining, anti bacterial, anti fungal, excellent energy source with a wide range of healing properties.
      • Contains B vitamins, vitamins C, D, E and traces of minerals.
      • Contains Amylase and Invertase which aid digestion.
      • A natural sedative that calms the body.


Organic Carrots

      • Blood cleansing and worm removing.
      • Vit A, C
      • Folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium
      • Selenium
      • Promotes healthy skin
      • Provides immune protection


Organic Garlic 

      • Natural broad spectrum antibiotic
      • Believed to have immune stimulating properties
      • Kills intestinal worms and parasites
      • Energy stimulant
      • Helps circulation
      • Believed to help prevent cancer
      • Effective in diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, allergies, blood clotting problems
      • Poor circulation, colds and flu
      • Promotes elimination of toxins


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

      • Prevents intestinal bacteria
      • Helps with arthritic rheumatism
      • Promotes healthy skin and coat


Sea Kelp

      • Excellent source of iodine
      • Believed to aid in thyroid function
      • Aids in extraction of intestinal toxins and heavy metals
      • Calcium, magnesium, potassium, niacin, riboflavin and choline


Cold pressed Olive Oil

      • Acts as a nutritive lubricant to the intestinal tract with antibacterial properties
      • Essential fatty acids (vit F) important for normal growth especially of blood vessels and nerves, keeps skin and other tissues youthful and supple
      • Vit’s E, A and B’s
      • Zinc, copper,iron calcium, magnesium and phosphorous


Organic Parsley

      • Very high in Vitamin C
      • Antioxidant
      • Critical in the formation of collagen; connective tissue(skin, ligaments, cartilage, vertebral disks, joint linings, capillary walls, bones and teeth)
      • Aids in wound healing
      • Maintains healthy blood vessels
      • Aids in formation of serotonin; an important brain chemical
      • Stimulates adrenal function
      • Aids in reducing stress
      • Protects vitamin’s A, E, and some B vitamins
      • Stimulates immune system
      • Prevents infection
      • Aids against allergies


Seasonal organic green veggies

      • Zucchini
      • Vitamin C
      • Pottasium
      • Beta Carotene

Ground Flax Seed

      • Good source of protein
      • B vitamins
      • Vitamin E
      • Iron, calcium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, potassium