Ultimate Diet comes in a format that is unique among raw pet food diets.

Using a unique, proprietary method, Ultimate Diet is flash frozen to preserve freshness, in a method that also allows you to feed raw more quickly and easily than you'd ever thought possible.

Just follow these simple instructions:

Step One - Scoop!

Scoop out your pet's required portion of food (See our Feeding Guide for details) using a glass or metal scoop.

Step Two - Pour!

Pour required amount of Ultimate Diet into a glass or stainless steel bowl

Step Three - Thaw!

Ultimate Diet will thaw in the fridge within an hour or so (time depends on size of portion). For faster thawing, mix with a little warm water, and serve almost instantly

Step Four - Serve!

Allow your pet to finish their entire portion of Ultimate Diet. Place unfinished portion back in the fridge in a covered container. Thawed Ultimate Diet will keep in the fridge  for up to three days