Our Ground Meaty Bones are made with a single ingredient – Turkey, Duck, Chicken or Wild Salmon. They’re perfect for pets who need to spend time on an elimination diet, to supplement calcium naturally or as a simple, nourishing treat.

They also making tempting toppers for finicky pets – a few scoops of our Ground Meaty Treats placed on top of your pet’s regular meal can really pique their appetite! Finicky cats in particular find it hard to resist our Ground Meaty Salmon Treats.

For those people who make their own home made diets, our pre ground Chicken, Turkey or Duck necks make a great base for your recipes.

Ground Meaty Bones are available in the following flavors:

Duck – made with ground, Grade “AAA” duck necks

Turkey - made with ground, Grade “AAA” turkey necks

Wild Salmon – made with ground, wild caught Pacific Coho Salmon fillets

Chicken – made with ground, Grade “AAA” chicken necks and backs

As with all Pets4Life products – No antibiotics, no hormones, no chemicals.

Available in one pound packages, or in ten pound bulk boxes.

NOTE: We recommend feeding a balanced diet to ensure maximum nutrition.