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Pets4Life Raw Diets

Species specific raw dies for Canines and for Cats & Ferrets. Canadian made from Canadian ingredients, certified complete and balanced.

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Ultimate Diet Organic

Ultimate Diet Canine is made with locally sourced, 100% Certified Organic ingredients. A healthier diet for your canine companion, and for the planet.

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Bones & More...

Pets4Life offers a full range of Meaty Bones, Raw Green Tripe, Dehydrated  and  Baked Treats

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Pets4Life is Canada's Premiere Gourmet Raw Diet for Pets

100% Canadian

100% Canadian Pets4Life and Ultimate Diet products are made in Canada from 100% Canadian meat, fish and poultry.

Time Saving

Time Saving Pets4Life diets come in convenient formats that make feeding your pet a raw diet clean and simple.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Quality raw diets can save you money on veterinary and dental care over the course of your pet's life.

Organic Ingredients

Organic Ingredients Our Ultimate Diet line of canine diets are made from 100% Certified Organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Customer Support

Customer Support Founded by a Certified Pet Nutritionist and a Holistic Veterinarian, Pets4Life offers unparalleled customer service.

Complete & Balanced

Complete & Balanced Pets4Life Canine and Feline/Ferret diets are AAFCO certified "Complete and Balanced for all life stages".

Pets4Life Canine & Feline

Species specific nutrition formatted for canines and for felines and ferrets. Holistically balanced recipes, certified Complete and Balanced..

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Ultimate Diet Organic

Made with 100% Certified Organic, locally sourced ingredients. A healthier diet for your canine companions, and for the planet.

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Purely Naturals

Your pets will love our "Purely Natural" pet treats. Including raw bones, dehydrated treats and Organic Baked treats.

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Research and Experience

Developed by an Animal Nutritionist and a Holistic Veterinarian, our recipes are based on over a decade of research, and are AAFCO certified "Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages".


Quality Ingredients

We use only "AAA" or better, Canadian grown, locally sourced meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables - no imported proteins, no fillers, no grains, no by products. We guarantee it!

  • Thousands of healthy pets & happy owners;
  • Safe, proven, quality products;
  • Available from retailers across Canada;
  • Sold and Recommended by Veterinarians;
  • Fed and endorsed by top Breeders;
  • The diet that pets love to eat!


Ellen & Whisper

"I've tried so many foods for Whisper, but the only one he will consistently eat is Pets4Life. His coat is shiny, his teeth are clean and my vet says he's the healthiest cat he's ever seen. We love our Pets4Life!"

Goldenhills Retrievers

"Your Best in Show Probiotic is a life saver! It got my bitch and her puppies through a serious illness, when a friend's dog with the same never recovered. Thank you!!!"

Tanya & Zeke

“After almost two years of food battles and illness, and frequent visits and stays at the veterinary hospital, a naturopathic veterinarian recommended I put Zeke on Pets4Life, and within 48 hours I felt like I had a new dog”.


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